About Us

Urumi Beauty is a black owned skincare brand based in North Carolina. Everything we make is ethically sourced, organic and vegan.  We initially began by selling shimmering body oils and butters for dancers who didn’t want to risk themselves while performing, they dried down while leaving the glow that synonymous with the brand.

We have expanded and began releasing a line of sw friendly products- condom safe CBD lube, infused bath bombs and soaps for relieving tension and aches, brightening soaps for those with hyperpigmentation and moisturizing, acne clearing body oils are coming too! 

Urumi is for those want skin items that work aesthetically- soft, shimmering and glowing skin, but also effectively- combatting oiliness, hyperpigmentation and dullness. 

It’s why our tag line is Beauty, forged. We are creating beauty with everything we touch and under any circumstance.